The Proposed Development - By The Numbers

The area in question (comprised of the Haylock + Youngblood properties) is 40.32 hectares in size.
The developers are requesting a combined density of 43.9 - 56.3 persons+jobs per hectare.
The minimum density required by the Province of Ontario is 40.0 persons+jobs per hectare.

What do these numbers actually mean?

Maximum Density

If this area is built out to the maximum density requested by the developers, it will add approximately 2,273 new people to the village of Elora.
This is what that looks like compared to the current population* of Elora:

Minimum Density

We are limited by the provincial "Places To Grow" legislation, which mandates a minimum of 40.0 persons+jobs per hectare.
If we stick to the minimum density required by the province, we only have to add approximately 1615 people to our population. Here is a comparison of the maximum density that the developer is asking for, the minimum density that the developer is asking for, and the minimum required density:

The Big Picture

This is an image of the "Elora/Salem Urban Centre". Imagine over 2,000 people living in the red area, commuting out of town for work, and with children that will likely be bussed out of town to go to school. Hopefully you will see why we need to get everyone involved to make sure this development complements the Village of Elora, instead of simply turning it into a bedroom community for Waterloo or Guelph.

* The Population of Elora

Calculating the current population is a little tricky. Since 2001, Elora is not counted as a separate part of the census. There are two ways we can estimate the current population:
  1. According to the 2006 and 2011 census numbers for Centre Wellington, the township's population grew by 2.5% over 5 years. Applying that growth rate to the 2001 census numbers gives an estimate of 4,088 people (1,558 dwellings) for Elora in 2016.
  2. Take Centre Wellington's population in 2011 (which was 26,693 people) and subtract the population of Fergus in 2011 (which was 19,126 people), which leaves a total of 7,567 people in Elora and the rest of the township, and grow that by 2.5% to get 7,756. This means the population of Elora is 7,756 minus the population of all of the other settlements and farms in Centre Wellington.

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