Issues of Concern

There are eight main issues of concern that Smart Growth Elora + Fergus has about the development as currently proposed:

  1. Density - The proposal exceeds the minimum of 40 people per hectare for Elora.
  2. Design - The proposal includes R3 (not required in the latest growth forecast by County
    Wellington) units along two key roads in an established area of large-lot R1 homes.
  3. Water - The proposal poses serious risks to the aquifer and wells on adjacent properties.
  4. Heritage and culture - We are monitoring changes to the proposal that would preserve some of the heritage structures on the site.
  5. Traffic - We recommend that Centre Wellington request a “full scope” Traffic Impact Assessment” (section 4.6.4 of the Official Plan) and that the findings of this study be made public prior to the statutory public meeting.
  6. Public services - The proposal ignores the impact of a large population increase on health
    care service, fire service and demand on schools.
  7. Overbuilding - The proposal contemplates an addition of new units that is more than
    double the County's recent growth forecast without consideration of other
    developments under construction and/or planned in Elora and Fergus.
  8. Construction timetable - The proposal for construction (although not yet specified) would
    require 8-10 years or more to bring the issuance of building permits in line with the
    growth forecast.